Make Peace With God

Our life here on earth is but a vapor a wisp of wind gone in the blink of an eye. The goal of our life here on earth is to achive eternal life with God. How do we attain eternal life? We make peace with God.

How do we make peace with God? We can not do it only God can do it for us thru The Holy Lord Jesus Christ.
It is only by our loving Father’s grace and mercy and the sacrifice of our Holy Lord Jesus Christ may we attain peace with God. We are truly incapable of attaining peace with God by ourselves.

God is holy we are not. So how do we clean ourselves up? We can not do anything with out The Lords help (john 15:5) Only with the help of The Holy Lord Jesus Christ can we begin to attempt to clean ourselves up so we may one day in the distant future stand in front of our Holy God.

Where do we start? Good question very good question. We start by developing a close personal relationship with The Holy Lord Jesus Christ. How do we do that? We truly humble ourselves in front of our Holy God. We get on our knees and ask The Holy Lord Jesus Christ to please have mercy on us to please help us to tell him we are truly helpless with out his help. We cry our to him in agony and pain for his help. Please Holy Lord Jesus help me for I am nothing but a wretched sinner please help me please help me for I am incapable of helping my self. Have mercy on me Lord. Help me help me please Lord. Cry out as if your life depended on it for it surly does.
If in the eyes of the Lord you truly humble yourself and are truly sincere he will have mercy on you and begin to lead you and guide you on to the path to peace with our Holy God.
Lets talk about sin for a minute here. The first sin was pride. Most people think the first sin was disobedience.

But pride is the root of all sin. What is pride? A high opinion of ones dignity, importance or superiority.

Who was the first to commit this sin Lucifer. We must ask The Lord to please take all pride form us. I must warn you this a process. Pride is deep rooted in us and only the Lord can deal with our pride.

Next we must ask The Lord to help us with our doubt and unbelief. Believe me this is also a process as we all will struggle with doubt and unbelief all the days of our lives.

This is not going to be easy it will be the hardest thing you have ever attempted in your life. There will be days where you think this is impossible but remember nothing is impossible with God.

What is important to God in our walk with The Holy Lord Jesus Christ. What will help us to attain peace with God?

First we must put God first in our lives above all else. I can’t tell you how important this is to our heavenly Father.

Without God we would never have been born.If God stopped thinking of us for just one second we would cease to exist.

Next we must be obedient to God and live our lives according to his holy word. This is for our own good we are are own worst enemy. We bring on the calamities in our life by being disobedient to our Holy God.

I don’t have to tell you how hard this is we all struggle with obedience all the days of our lives.

We have been given the gift of repentance. how many of us use this gift. We should be in continual repentance.

There is no such thing as too much repentance.

We need to pray continually prayer is so important. Never mind every day but every chance we get every day.

When you get to heaven you will find out how important prayer is until then please pray continually for your own good.

Next we must accept the grace and mercy that only God can give us thru The Holy Lord Jesus Christ.

But above all we must trust The Holy Lord Jesus Christ.

We must then ask The Holy Lord Jesus Christ thru his grace and mercy to begin the process of cleansing our heart.(Psalms 51:10). To take all the impurities out of our heart. Up to this point if you thought boy oh boy this is difficult. You have not seen anything yet now this is truly a process. You will be tested and go thru much pain and doubt.

You will say what is happening to me. But trust The Lord if you persevere and have faith and don’t give up The Lord will help you clean up your heart.

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