How to Call "The Lords Hour" Radio Show for FREE using Skype (PC to PC)


1. Create a FREE Blog Talk Radio Account by visiting this link:


Blog Talk Radio


2. Click the "Free Account" link at the bottom of the page in Step 1 (red arrow pointing to it.


3. Create Your FREE Account

Create Blog Talk Radio Free Account

4. After you have filled out the information and clicked "Continue" button you should get a message on the screen that looks something like this:



5. Please confirm your email to complete the Blog Talk Radio registration.


6. Next, if you do not have Skype, please download a FREE copy of this software at the following link:


7. Simply choose your version on the link above (Pick Skype Free) and click the Download Skype button and follow the install instructions.


8. Once you have successfully installed Skype and it is running, please return to The Lords Hour Radio Show page located at  and click on the show link (if you are coming to the page before the show has started it will be "Upcoming Broadcasts" see example below


The Lords Hour


9. When the show goes LIVE, you will be able to see the Skype Icon next to the call in phone number


Skype Call In The Lords Hour



10. Simply click the Skype Button and your Skype (PC) will call the Radio show over the Internet for FREE. You will get a few prompts after you click the Skype Icon (see below)


First Prompt – Click OK



Second Prompt – Click To Talk



Third Prompt – Click OK (it may not always say btrlistner026, that number might change depending on Blog Talk available Listeners)



You will then be placed in the Queue for screening.